Tucson Anarchists Are Starting a Monthly Newspaper.

“Javelina Press is a monthly newspaper produced by anarchists in Tucson as an outlet for journalism, analysis, and information related to a critique of existing society and the advancement of radical social change. We are especially interested in providing material relevant to Tucson and Arizona.

Anarchy comes from a Greek word which means, “no rulers.” Anarchists believe that any system that allows some people to dominate other people is fucked up, and we should tear that shit down.

Not all authority is formalized or officially acknowledged. For example, our society gives unequal power to men and whites, although discrimination is illegal on paper. Anarchists organize against these less explicit forms of oppression, as well as institutions of governments and capitalist economics.

In place of systems of oppression, anarchists are into free individuals coming together to solve problems without bosses, cops or politicians. When we dismantle hierarchies and recognize that existing oppressive power structures are bullshit, we realize that another world is possible.”

First issue due out February 1st, and javelinapress.org should be up and running shortly!


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