Upcoming Actions & Events: Letter Writing, Anti-Police & ‘Shutting Down the Corporations’

Some things are coming up!

On February 3rd at 7PM, Dry River (740 N. Main) will be hosting a letter writing party for Political Prisoners with February birthdays. Join us to write to folks surviving in prison in solidarity and support. See last year’s February birthday poster from Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective here.


February 17th, March for a World Without Police

For a world without police, period. This is NOT a demo against police brutality but an action against the existence of police. All policing is violence.

Meet at 5:30PM at Catalina Park, 4th Ave. & 2nd St. 

Bring banners, drums, noise, outreach material, friends, and whatever else makes sense to you. Let folks know!


On February 29th, some folks in Tucson will respond to the call from Occupy Portland to Shut Down the Corporations and continue building on some things we started last November. Our hope is to expand the conversation beyond ALEC towards the larger structures that ALEC represents and reinforces. In addition to autonomous actions against businesses and institutions connected to ALEC (or the larger structures), there’s a call to converge at 4PM at the Downtown Library for a march to several targeted locations. More information, analysis, calls and lists will be forthcoming. Start planning to shut down those who enforce and profit from white supremacy, colonialism and state power.


Busy month, getting busier!



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