More February Events!

A few things.

This coming Tuesday, the 7th, there’ll be a FREE screening of If a Tree Falls: A story of the Earth Liberation Front. Really, really great documentary about Daniel McGowan and radical environmentalism, with a LOT of really awesome context from the late 90’s as to why people move away from conventional nonviolence. Strongly, strongly recommended!
At The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway at 7PM. And free! See their event page here: and the trailer below.
On Sunday the 12th, at 6PM, We Reject Racism/Rechazamos al Racismo has put together “an exciting panel and discussion on multi-racial, anti-racist organizing in the past and the present.”

Gearing up for the Leap Day action on the 29th against ALEC’s corporate members, some folks are putting together a presentation/discussion to talk about a few things. There’ll be some background on ALEC, info on corporate members with locations in Tucson, some stuff on current struggles and recent actions, and probably some conversation on how to move from actions against ALEC towards actions against the broader power structures that ALEC represents/reinforces. Maybe you’ll leave with some ideas.
Thursday, February 16th @ Dry River, 750 N. Main. 7PM.
On a similar note, here is an article on ALEC’s role in the recent anti-union legislation in Arizona. And following that up, here is a good place to start if you’re interested in  “action that goes beyond the usual Democratic politics and reformist ideas” regarding that legislation. More to come on this shit in the next little bit.
The next day, Friday the 17th, anti-police march @ 5:30PM. 4th Ave. & 2nd St. Earlier tonight, there was a really pleasant and successful pre-action outreach stroll. Some 20 folks distributed hundreds of anti-police fliers and fliers for the march on the 17th. Suspicions that NO ONE LIKES A COP were overwhelmingly affirmed.
Bring noise, friends, strangers, banners, so on and so forth. And think about color coordination…

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