Anti-Police March in Downtown Tucson, Upcoming March in Scottsdale

About forty people gathered at Catalina Park in Tucson on the evening of February 17th to march for a world without police. Participants chanted, among other things, “All Cops Are Bastards—A C A B” and “Tucson, Oakland, Greece: Fuck The Police!” The march met widespread approval from bar-goers, teenagers, the elderly, and other observers who cheered, honked and waved in support. Some participants handed out anti-police and literature, and information about alternatives to the cops, to bystanders on the sidewalk. The march took the street for its entire route without incident, all the way down 4th Avenue and through downtown to the library. A local Sonoran dog vendor gave us a high-five as we passed by.

Law enforcement and prisons not only fail to provide safety to those in our society most vulnerable to violence, they are directly responsible for targeted violence against communities of color and the poor. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians oppose the police as an institution dedicated to using force on a daily basis to maintain the inequality, injustice, and oppression of capitalism and the state. The police are the ones who stand between hungry people and the food on grocery store shelves, between the homeless and abandoned buildings, and between this rotten world and one of freedom and equality. Any movement for justice and liberty will come into conflict with the cops charged with protecting this corrupt system.

The march on February 17th was the latest in a series of explicitly anti-police actions taking place in Tucson, and around the state, during recent weeks. A separate march in Scottsdale went down the same night, in response to the latest murder by serial killer pig James Peters (who has killed six people so far). A group of anarchists and anti-authoritarians flyered downtown Tucson with anti-police literature on February 3rd. Our momentum for a world without cops or jails is growing.

Another march will take place in Scottsdale this Friday at 8PM. More info here.




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