Feminists and Anarchists Respond to Tucson Anti-Choice Rally

On June 8th, cities nationwide saw coordinated rallies under the banner Stand Up for Religious Freedom. The anti-choice organizers and participants, predominantly Christian-Fascists, took aim at the recent “HHS mandate” which requires that reproductive health and contraceptive services be included in health plans. More on their national mobilization can be seen at http://www.standupforreligiousfreedom.com.

Arizona, continuing its’ pattern of being a lab for increasingly oppressive legislation (think 1070, 2281) is escalating attacks on reproductive rights with laws such as HB 2036. So, a group of Tucson feminists, anarchists and others decided to confront those that support these attacks.

With coat hangers, black flags and banners reading “You Cut Off Our Reproductive Rights, We’ll Cut Off Yours” and “I ❤ to Fuck – Yr Dumm”, the group assembled across the street from the “pro-lifers”, occasionally heading to their side to disrupt and block their demo. Chants included, “You don’t want us pregnant anyway – Our babies will be hella gay!” and “Open up the clinic door! We’re Not Afraid of Civil War!”

While we’re no friends of the federal government or any of their “mandates”, those opposing legal protections for contraceptive and abortion access are as much the enemy as the government forces that attempt to regulate and control our bodies in the first place.

We oppose any control over our bodies, be that through regulation of reproductive health services, borders controls, prisons or wage labor. We intend to escalate our defense against all their attacks in the coming weeks and months.

Some Arizona resources:

ACT Arizona


Abortion Access Network of Arizona


Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault


Pro-choice. Pro-gun. We are not afraid of civil war.

Some @’s in the fascist laboratory,

Occupied Tohono O’odham Land,

Tucson, AZ



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2 responses to “Feminists and Anarchists Respond to Tucson Anti-Choice Rally

  1. Lauren

    hey! This article is awesome, but I’m not super stoked on ‘radical feminists’ when we’re more like feminists and radicals and not some second wave bullshit. ❤

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