UPDATE: Those locked down have unlocked after G4S cut their own fences to get deportation buses past the blockade. Imagine that – border profiteers cutting down fences!

Press release:

This morning, local activists are using direct action to shut down the transportation headquarters of G4S in Tucson, Arizona. Responding to Occupy Portland’s call to shut down the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council, this action is being taken to halt the profit-driven operations of ALEC member G4S. This massive company operates the buses used to transport those being deported or moved between immigration detention facilities, and contributes to untold strife and devastation for those criminalized by U.S. Immigration policy.

 “The second largest multinational corporation after WalMart, G4S, a worldwide private security services provider, profits through the militarization of infrastructure along the U.S. Mexico border, aiding U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the human rights crisis perpetuated through the daily seizure, detention and criminalization of undocumented people. G4S profits additionally from the private management of prisons, into which thousands of people are streamlined daily by the U.S. prison-industrial complex and its corporate, governmental and military investors,” explained Ben Lorber, a supporter of the action. 

Ben Lorber further stated, “Well beyond our borders, G4S  bolsters and profits from state-based terror worldwide. In occupied Palestine, to cite one of many examples, the company provides private security technology and personnel for Israeli prisons, where the systematic torture of Palestinian prisoners is regularly documented by human rights organizations, and for West Bank settlements, deemed illegal and in violation of international human rights law by the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice.” 

Jonah Clarke, one of the participants in today’s actions said:

“Today’s shutdown of G4S bus operations is part of a nation-wide day of action to shut down the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization in which corporations who stand to profit from criminalization and militarization, such as G4S, work directly with politicians to craft model legislation that puts profit over people, and bolsters the military- and prison-industrial complex while human beings are trampled underfoot. Across the country, in all our struggles, ALEC’s influence is present and representative of a failed system in which power and greed are dominant over everything else.

 This day is part of a longer struggle against ALEC and against the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy and the colonial state of which they are only a part. We use direct action to confront these oppressive structures and take back the power to shape our world.”  

In addition to this autonomous action, a rally in response to the Shut Down the Corporations call is scheduled for 4PM today at the Joel D. Valdez library in downtown Tucson.



For video from this morning’s ongoing action, see http://www.youtube.com/user/shutdownalec.

More information on the national day of action available at shutdownthecorporations.org.



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Anti-Police March in Downtown Tucson, Upcoming March in Scottsdale

About forty people gathered at Catalina Park in Tucson on the evening of February 17th to march for a world without police. Participants chanted, among other things, “All Cops Are Bastards—A C A B” and “Tucson, Oakland, Greece: Fuck The Police!” The march met widespread approval from bar-goers, teenagers, the elderly, and other observers who cheered, honked and waved in support. Some participants handed out anti-police and literature, and information about alternatives to the cops, to bystanders on the sidewalk. The march took the street for its entire route without incident, all the way down 4th Avenue and through downtown to the library. A local Sonoran dog vendor gave us a high-five as we passed by.

Law enforcement and prisons not only fail to provide safety to those in our society most vulnerable to violence, they are directly responsible for targeted violence against communities of color and the poor. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians oppose the police as an institution dedicated to using force on a daily basis to maintain the inequality, injustice, and oppression of capitalism and the state. The police are the ones who stand between hungry people and the food on grocery store shelves, between the homeless and abandoned buildings, and between this rotten world and one of freedom and equality. Any movement for justice and liberty will come into conflict with the cops charged with protecting this corrupt system.

The march on February 17th was the latest in a series of explicitly anti-police actions taking place in Tucson, and around the state, during recent weeks. A separate march in Scottsdale went down the same night, in response to the latest murder by serial killer pig James Peters (who has killed six people so far). A group of anarchists and anti-authoritarians flyered downtown Tucson with anti-police literature on February 3rd. Our momentum for a world without cops or jails is growing.

Another march will take place in Scottsdale this Friday at 8PM. More info here.



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Arizona Police Kill Again

As of Tuesday, serial killer James Peters of the Scottsdale Police has shot seven humans, killing six. His latest victim, James Loxas, was holding his grandchild when he was murdered. Bullshit, exculpatory mainstream coverage here.

Here is info on the rally and march to the Scottsdale Police Dept. in response. “Wear black for the victims.”

This coincides with an already planned anti-police demo in Tucson set for 5:30PM, starting at 2nd St. & 4th Ave.



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More February Events!

A few things.

This coming Tuesday, the 7th, there’ll be a FREE screening of If a Tree Falls: A story of the Earth Liberation Front. Really, really great documentary about Daniel McGowan and radical environmentalism, with a LOT of really awesome context from the late 90’s as to why people move away from conventional nonviolence. Strongly, strongly recommended!
At The Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway at 7PM. And free! See their event page here: http://www.loftcinema.com/node/2851 and the trailer below.
On Sunday the 12th, at 6PM, We Reject Racism/Rechazamos al Racismo has put together “an exciting panel and discussion on multi-racial, anti-racist organizing in the past and the present.”

Gearing up for the Leap Day action on the 29th against ALEC’s corporate members, some folks are putting together a presentation/discussion to talk about a few things. There’ll be some background on ALEC, info on corporate members with locations in Tucson, some stuff on current struggles and recent actions, and probably some conversation on how to move from actions against ALEC towards actions against the broader power structures that ALEC represents/reinforces. Maybe you’ll leave with some ideas.
Thursday, February 16th @ Dry River, 750 N. Main. 7PM.
On a similar note, here is an article on ALEC’s role in the recent anti-union legislation in Arizona. And following that up, here is a good place to start if you’re interested in  “action that goes beyond the usual Democratic politics and reformist ideas” regarding that legislation. More to come on this shit in the next little bit.
The next day, Friday the 17th, anti-police march @ 5:30PM. 4th Ave. & 2nd St. Earlier tonight, there was a really pleasant and successful pre-action outreach stroll. Some 20 folks distributed hundreds of anti-police fliers and fliers for the march on the 17th. Suspicions that NO ONE LIKES A COP were overwhelmingly affirmed.
Bring noise, friends, strangers, banners, so on and so forth. And think about color coordination…

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Upcoming Actions & Events: Letter Writing, Anti-Police & ‘Shutting Down the Corporations’

Some things are coming up!

On February 3rd at 7PM, Dry River (740 N. Main) will be hosting a letter writing party for Political Prisoners with February birthdays. Join us to write to folks surviving in prison in solidarity and support. See last year’s February birthday poster from Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective here.


February 17th, March for a World Without Police

For a world without police, period. This is NOT a demo against police brutality but an action against the existence of police. All policing is violence.

Meet at 5:30PM at Catalina Park, 4th Ave. & 2nd St. 

Bring banners, drums, noise, outreach material, friends, and whatever else makes sense to you. Let folks know!


On February 29th, some folks in Tucson will respond to the call from Occupy Portland to Shut Down the Corporations and continue building on some things we started last November. Our hope is to expand the conversation beyond ALEC towards the larger structures that ALEC represents and reinforces. In addition to autonomous actions against businesses and institutions connected to ALEC (or the larger structures), there’s a call to converge at 4PM at the Downtown Library for a march to several targeted locations. More information, analysis, calls and lists will be forthcoming. Start planning to shut down those who enforce and profit from white supremacy, colonialism and state power.


Busy month, getting busier!


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Tucson Anarchists Are Starting a Monthly Newspaper.

“Javelina Press is a monthly newspaper produced by anarchists in Tucson as an outlet for journalism, analysis, and information related to a critique of existing society and the advancement of radical social change. We are especially interested in providing material relevant to Tucson and Arizona.

Anarchy comes from a Greek word which means, “no rulers.” Anarchists believe that any system that allows some people to dominate other people is fucked up, and we should tear that shit down.

Not all authority is formalized or officially acknowledged. For example, our society gives unequal power to men and whites, although discrimination is illegal on paper. Anarchists organize against these less explicit forms of oppression, as well as institutions of governments and capitalist economics.

In place of systems of oppression, anarchists are into free individuals coming together to solve problems without bosses, cops or politicians. When we dismantle hierarchies and recognize that existing oppressive power structures are bullshit, we realize that another world is possible.”

First issue due out February 1st, and javelinapress.org should be up and running shortly!

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