Points of Unity

*We are resisting and confronting symbolic and political borders using a variety of tactics.

*We recognize and respect that we are on Tohono O’odham land and are dedicated to decolonization and working in solidarity with indigenous struggles.

*We recognize that all systems of oppression feed off of each other and cannot survive on their own; to dismantle one, we must attack them all.

*As abolitionists, we want to abolish, not reform, borders, capitalism, and the state.

*As people constantly confronted with the violence of this patriarchal culture, we are dedicated to incorporating feminism and queer perspectives into our organizing and action.

*We want to push ourselves to be creative in our tactics and not allow historical standards of action to dominate our decisions as a group.

*Those in our group with settler, male, white, heterosexual, citizenship, class privileges etc. are working on deconstructing these internally and externally, holding ourselves and each other accountable, and making space for a diversity of perspectives.

*We recognize that each of us come from different and complex histories and perspectives.  Out of respect for our differences, we do not wish to generalize our identity as a group.

*We recognize that class concerns have historically been given precedence over other systems of oppression. We seek to break this pattern while maintaining a strong anti-capitalist class analysis in our work.

*We aim to advance a deeper understanding of racism and white privilege with the goal of abolishing white supremacy.

*We seek relationships of mutual solidarity with other communities in resistance.

*We seek to incorporate critical reflection and analysis into our work.

*We are anti-authoritarian, as such we reject the system of electoral politics and do not identify with any faith, we are consensus based

*We want to be supportive of each other in and outside of actions.  We value self care, mental health maintenance, and stepping back as necessary to sustain long term struggle.


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